How Dose A Halogen Lamp Bulb Work

The principle is pouring iodine or bromine and other halogen gas into the bulb. At high temperatures, sublimation of tungsten wire and halogen produce a chemical reaction, and then the cooled tungsten will re-solidify on the tungsten wire to form a balanced cycle to avoid tungsten wire premature rupture. So halogen bulbs live longer than incandescent lamps.

The advantages and disadvantages of halogen bulbs

There are lots of advantages of halogen light bulbs: Simple, low cost, easy to adjust and control brightness, good color rendering and so on. But there are also many fatal shortcomings: such as short life, low luminous efficiency(only 12% -18% can be converted into light energy, and the rest are in the form of heat loss). Color temperature low halogen bulbs greatly improve these shortcomings on the base of the above advantages.


It should be noted that turn off the power before installing the halogen lamp! Do not touch it directly, otherwise it will reduce the halogen lamp brightness and service life. Halogen lamp can not be hit, avoid the air blowing bulb directly when the lamp is lit.

Post time: Jul-18-2018
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